Hi! My name is Gabriela, I’m a Colombian professional musician and pegagogue. I have lived, studied and worked in Berlin since 2015. I have almost 15 years of experience as a pedagogue in different continents with people from different cultural backgrounds and ages.

I’m a certified teacher in the ESSENCE OF BELLYDANCE Method since 2021. For me, the relationship between music and dance plays a very important role in both disciplins, since they are closely correlated. Each is an art that has the power to express, connect and transform the human being physically, mentally and emotionally. This relationship, but also finding a sense of self and at the same time of belonging to the group, and of course having fun, are part of my main objectives.

I started ESSENCE OF BELLYDANCE as a way to reconciliate and reconnect with a part of myself I thought I didn’t have any longer. With this method, I found that connecting these special sensous movements and music meant for me that I can connect not only with every part of my body in a beautiful way, but also with my most inner self, sensousness and femininity. 

In 2021, I started to offer belly dance classes in Berlin, because I want to share with other women what I experience through belly dancing – and Belly Sensuous Dance was born!